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img_0571 April 28

“A Shelter in The Time of Storm”

April 28, 1839 – Birth of Veron J. Charlesworth, English clergyman and hymnwriter.  He was headmaster of Charles Spurgeon’s Stockwell Orphanage but is better remembered as author of the hymn “A Shelter in the Time of Storm.  The well known Ira Sankey composed the tune for this classic hymn of confidence in God’s help. Psalm […]

img_0563-1 April 26

Duff Defied Shipwrecks to Disciple India

 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…”’s Website  provides the story of Alexander Duff who was born on this day in 1806.  “The boy, who would win such a name for patient and enthusiastic faith as a man, grew up on a small farm. His father farmed but also had a heart […]

img_3106 April 24

Abundant Grace, Faith & Love

Two years ago tomorrow my wife and I drove from Oshawa to Kansas City, KS to be with our daughter and future son-in-law, who had flown there to receive medical treatment for a brain tumour.  We will never forget the calls, the care, the many acts of kindness as our family journeyed through those days. […]

img_0551 April 22

In God We Trust

What were the first American coins to carry the motto ‘In God We Trust’? On this day, April 22nd in 1864… Bronze two-cent pieces were imprinted with the words “In God We Trust,” making them the first American coins to carry the motto. The motto was designed to remind the Union that the resolution of […]

img_0544 April 20

Death of George F. Handel

This Day in Christian History, April 20, 1759 marked the death of George F. Handel, German-bornEnglish composer. Of his religious compositions, the most famous are his Messiah oratorio and several hymn tunes, including “Christmas” (“While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night”), “Antioch” (“Joy To the World!”) and “Maccabeus” (“Thine Be The Glory, Risen, Conquering Son.”) […]

img_0530 April 16

“The Flying Parson”

Years back, someone (I know who but won’t reveal this in a blog) gave me a fridge magnet.  The wording (if I recall correctly) was “The pay for being a pastor isn’t great, but the retirement benefits are out of this world!” Knowing my sense of humour (for what it is), I smiled and moved […]

img_0519 April 14

Bruised Reeds, Smoldering Wicks

The reality of mental health challenges confronts us through heart-breaking news reports. The darkness of depression casts its gripping shadow over children, teens and adults. My pastoral ministry has brought me face-to-face with individuals and families for whom there is no easy solution.  I have always taken comfort, and tried to reflect the same from […]


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