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IMG_4301 June 25

“So Beautiful”

A few years back, one of the seniors attending a Bible study I led in a seniors residence, gave me the ‘inside track’ on her sister’s efforts to stop aging. Her sister was spending hundreds of dollars on various treatments at a clinic which I passed regularly on a street in Toronto.  I referred to […]

IMG_4293 June 22

Musings On the Settings of Traps

Trapping is an occupation, at least part-time, which has drawn the attention of some of my family. Bears, lynxes, foxes, wolves and beavers are some of the larger prey caught in well-placed traps. I’ve caught my share of mice, ants, etc – the type of pests that can do their own share of damage. Traps […]

What Do You See?

I had an appointment yesterday in Mississauga as part of my new leadership responsibility. I had set my GPS with the street name as this was my first visit. Driving down the industrial court, my eyes gravitated to an old barn still standing but showing signs of age.  Those who know my farm background understand […]

IMG_4254 June 16

“You Can’t Start Too Early!”

We are filled with joy in the safe arrival of our third grandchild, Jackson Andrew Butler, born yesterday in Virginia, USA to our daughter and son-in-law for whom a multitude of prayers were offered last year. As we anticipated the arrival, I have been thinking of the multitude of texts in Scripture that describe God’s […]

IMG_4247 June 14

“Your Frequent Illnesses”

Short-term illnesses may seem rather minor, but their frequency may prove challenging.  In reading through First Timothy 5 recently, I reread Paul’s admonition to his associate Timothy in verse 23.  “Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.” Timothy appears to struggle with fear and anxiety. […]

IMG_4235 June 10

Black’s Is/Was Photography

Black’s is was Photography! The catchy, well-crafted slogan and branded advertising campaign was effective for a time. Breaking business news yesterday told of a company that soon will close its doors. Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long. Photography has changed! I was reviewing some of the changes with my father-in-law last evening.  He introduced his […]

IMG_4231 June 08

Television ‘Idol’

Yesterday, in our Sunday School class at Calvary Baptist (our home church), we were challenged as a point of application, to ‘think’ about our television viewing. Using 2 Corinthians 10, the topic of our thought life and dealing with anxiety and depression has been the central theme for many weeks; i.e. the ‘battle’ for our […]


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