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IMG_0143 November 19

Rescuing the ‘Evangelical’ definition

This helpful post clearly defines what an ‘evangelical’ is and alerts to the redefinition of the term by Rob Bell. Rob still has his ‘following’ and communicates his confusion to a multitude.  It seems the need for ‘discernment’ increases every year as the ‘winds’ of false doctrine blow wildly over the ‘Christian’ landscape.

IMG_0138 November 17

What Is Your Name?

The actions and expressions of newborns and young children are fascinating. Though separated by distance, as grandparents, we’re kept up-to-date with the latest developments through pictures and videos. I wonder if millennials aren’t the most photographed generation ever! In the Old Testament story of the family tree of lineage, we track the birth of Esau […]

IMG_0091 November 15

Jacob’s Ladder

As John Newton meditated on the dream the Old Testament patriarch Jacob had of the ladder stretching from heaven to earth and the reference Jesus makes in John 1 to the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man, God’s one and only Mediator (ladder) between heaven and earth, he penned these […]

IMG_0077 November 12

The LORD will provide

In the Olney hymnal, William Cowper contributed #5 entitled ‘JEHOVAH-JIREH, The LORD will provide. His mentor and colleague in ministry, John Newton, penned words reflecting this same theme from Genesis 22:14.  If my memory from years of hymn singing at Thornloe Crossroads Baptist (my home church), my dear Aunt Alice Peckover found a suitable tune […]

IMG_0076 November 10

The LORD will provide

William Cowper worked with John Newton in compiling the Olney Hymnal. Here’s Cowper’s hymn on the theme of God’s provision…. The saints should never be dismayed, Nor sink in hopeless fear; For when they least expect His aid, the Saviour will appear. This Abraham found, he raised the knife, God saw, and said ‘Forbear,’ Yon […]

IMG_0865 November 07

BMO – Bank of Montreal Thanks God???

Monday, May 7th, 1945 Toronto’s Daily Star is a newspaper preserved by my father and in my possession. ¬†Just last week I showed it to a Retirees Luncheon at my home church when I was asked to give a devotional. I opted to speak from Psalm 46 on God’s Protection, Presence and Power and noted […]

Screenshot 2015-11-03 19.29.47 November 02


I heard a short ‘poem’ several times as I was growing up. I never did discover the author, but the truth rings clearly that at times it is difficult to get along with others, even if those ‘others’ profess to be followers of Jesus Christ. ¬†Here’s the poem – “To live above with saints we […]


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