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The Grace of God August 27

By The Grace of God I am what I Am

I’m nearing the end of my trek through Tony Reinke’s “Newton on the Christian Life,” an excellent read this summer. For those of you with easy access to a computer and the Internet, dig more into the hymns, sermons and writings of the vicar of Olney. Reinke writes – “To explain the riddle of the Christian life […]

John Owen August 25

John Owen –

Here’s a link to an interesting article on John Owen. – Church History – John Owen    

IMG_4471-0 August 20

Back To School Musings…..

Last August, I preached at a Toronto church on a ‘Back to School’ Sunday using the 3 Rs – Repentance, Request and Restoration in a study of Paul’s request to Philemon. This week, I found John Piper’s “Back to School: A Biblical Perspective” to be an edifying read on the same theme. This is from […]

IMG_4467 August 18

“Warmth & Light”

Is your reading filled with ‘warmth and light?’ John Newton was self-educated and loved to read both the Bible and other books. Reinke writes, “He was drawn to letters by their heartwarming potential. He admits to having more interest in reading personal letters over books, which often have the opposite effect.” Newton writes, “I get […]

IMG_4458 August 13

Missing The Point

I love Bible knowledge quizzes, Bible trivia, Bible games but I fear that Bible knowledge ‘misses the point.’ Knowing the facts about the Bible, being able to win ‘sword drills’ in record time, having a comprehensive knowledge of the Scripture in and of itself does not produce spiritual change. Winning Bible knowledge contests is no […]

Blessed Assurance August 08

Watching and Waiting

Everyone spends time watching and waiting for a variety of things! I am never surprised at the time spent in medical establishments. Doesn’t the sign on the door say ‘Waiting Room?’ In Proverbs 8, Wisdom is personified as she calls out for passers by to heed her advice. She ‘raises her voice;’ she ‘takes her […]

IMG_4442 August 06

The Prodigal Son

John Newton, in reflecting on the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15) penned the following words.  I post this today, as an encouragement to those who are praying for prodigal sons and daughters.  A searching question posed by Newton needs to be asked by each of us.  “What have I gained by sin?”  The […]


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