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Rev. Adoniram Judson September 09

New Seminary? Help For His Son

I’ve been recently rereading ‘To The Golden Shore,’ the biography of Adoniram Judson. Courtney Anderson crafts the fascinating details of Judson’s conversion, calling, character and competencies–issues I’m thinking through in Heritage Seminary’s internship program. As Adoniram returned home after his five weeks of ‘exploring worldly pursuits’ and discovering their emptiness, he craved a clearer understanding […]

God's Word our guide September 01

Back to School….with Spurgeon?

September 1st. The new school year is about to begin, though some in other countries have already launched another year of learning. I’m opting to reproduce C.H. Spurgeon’s ‘Morning’ devotional from his classic ‘Morning & Evening.’ I deem it appropriate for all Christ followers, and in particular those of us involved in educational pursuits. GUIDANCE […]

St. Augustine August 28

Restless Heart?

August 28, 430 “Death of Augustine of Hippo, an early Latin church father and one of the outstanding theological figures of the ages. It was Augustine who wrote, “Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless till they find their rest in Thee.” ¬†(This Day in Christian History) Have you […]

img_1110 August 23


How will you be remembered? From This Day in Christian History On this day (August 23, 1882) …. Death of Charles W. Fry, original bandmaster of the English Salvation Army. Fry is remembered today as the author of the hymn “Lily of the Valley” (or “I Have Found A Friend in Jesus.”)

img_0747 August 17

William Carey – Set Apart

On this day, August 17th in 1761, William Carey was born. His impact on global evangelization is significant and his legacy in the nation of India remains to this day.  Here is an Extracted Report of His Ordination, May 24, 1791. Rev. WILLIAM CAREY, Leicester, (Extract). ‘After I had been a probationer in this place […]

fullsizerender August 15


On This Day in Christian History¬†– August 15, 1456 ‘After a two year printing process, Henry Cremer finishes binding the first volume of the two-volume Gutenberg Bible. At its completion, the Gutenberg Bible became both the first full-length book to be printed in the West, and the first printed edition of the Scriptures.’ Can you […]

img_1041 August 06

Many False Prophets

This Day in Christian History  reminds us that on August 6, 1774 “English religious leader Ann Lee and a small band of followers arrive in America at New York City. Her sect, the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, is commonly known as the Shakers.” Wikipedia adds further information “After several years, they […]