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IMG_3755 March 05

Lifting Up Our Hearts

I have been richly blessed these days reading through ‘The Confessions of St. Augustine’ and ‘Lifting Up Our Hearts’ – a collection of 150 prayers written out by John Calvin.  Some of us from ‘free church’ traditions balk at the thought of written out prayers.  This resistance loses credibility when one opens the pages of […]

Romans 8 March 03

GOD works ALL THINGS together

I’ve been reading poems and anecdotes collected by my dad throughout his life.  He was a constant note taker and had a fascination with little stories, quotes, interesting facts from a broad variety of sources.   In one of his notebooks, he cites C.H. Spurgeon, well known 19th century Baptist preacher who wrote – “The man […]

Multi-Cultural February 25

Multi-Ethnic Ministry

Here’s a link to a thought provoking blog on Multi-Ethnic ministry. Wisdom Principles

Fierce May Be The Conflict! February 23

Needless Fighting

I have been reading a fascinating article by Rev. J.R. Boyd, known to so many for his unique ministry which God entrusted to him at Sudbury.  I weary over hearing pastors who describe themselves as “busy” when I think of the FULL schedule kept by Pastor Boyd.  Pastoring a church, mentoring other pastors, writing a […]

Short Answers to Big Questions

The next thought-provoking video is out from RZIM. Take a look! Is It Arrogant To Claim You Have ‘The Truth?’  

IMG_3725 February 19

Lots of Greetings!

The Christian faith is a collection of relationships. God is the great initiator of relationships in sending His Son to take our place, to pay our debt, to show us that HE is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Once we have repented of our sins (and repentance continues throughout the Christian life), confessed […]

IMG_3703 February 13

Urgent Prayer Requested

Today’s post is simply a request for urgent prayer for persecuted believers in India. One of my dear brothers in Christ has written me with details regarding death threats, beatings and great pressure on God’s people and the leaders in one region of India. I will not post pictures or give further details but plead […]


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