What’s Missing in Theological Education?

Just a brief post as a result of a question asked in our Toronto Baptist Seminary chapel. One of our alumni Robers Dolciné spoke in chapel about Grace Corps, a remarkable teaching and training ministry in Haiti. The question was posted – What things did TBS not prepare you for and what things did it prepare you for?

Robers answered that he did not learn how to set up a non-profit organization. Government regulations, included a charitable registration number, incorporation (where appropriate) and other requirements were learned by him on his own. Perhaps in the future we can have him back to walk us through this process. Book-keeping, financial records, the nuts and bolts of administration must be learned or cared for by someone in whom leaders may have complete trust. In recent years I have sadly learned of an example where a treasurer, wrongfully trusted by the congregation, and not required to have a second signature on cheques, proved unfaithful in handling funds. Safeguards need to be in place and leaders need to understand the legal requirements for maintaining finances in solid order.

What is missing in the training of leaders? Ezra 7:10 provides an answer of a model for leaders to follow. Study God’s word, Obey God’s word, Teach God’s word. Changing this biblical order results in leaders teaching before studying or neglecting obedience. Let’s recommit ourselves to following God’s plan. Reading week is over at TBS, where I work, and now in the latter part of 2011-2012 we can stress God’s priorities! Maybe the current students will be better equipped to be the servant leaders God calls them and us to be!