img_0715 May 24

What’s In A Name?

On May 24, 1950 “During its annual meeting in Boston, the Northern Baptist Convention formally changes its name to the American Baptist Convention. In 1972 the denomination renamed itself the American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.” What’s in a name? In a few ordination councils, I’ve asked the pastoral candidates why they want to be […]

img_0668 May 22

Letter Writing

On May 19 in 1775 – “Anglican clergyman and hymnwriter John Newton notes in a letter, “I hope you will find the Lord present at all times, and in all places. When it is so, we are at home everywhere; when it is otherwise, home is a prison, and abroad a wilderness.” On May 21, […]

img_0650 May 17

More Translations?

On this day, May 17, 1881 “The N.T. of the English Revised Version is published in England, the first modern English translation of the scriptures published since 1611. The product of ten years of work by fifty-four biblical scholars on both sides of the Atlantic, the ERV provided the scholarly foundation for the publication of […]

img_0618 May 13

A.W. Tozer

May 13, 1963 was the day on which A.W. Tozer, American Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor and Christian writer died.  He served as pastor of Chicago’s Southside Alliance Church for thirty-one years.  Tozer’s best remembered writing is The Pursuit of God, written in 1948.   According to the Christian & Missionary Alliance website  ‘While on his […]

img_0608 May 11

American Tract Society

On this date in 1825 “The first national tract society in America, the American Tract Society, is organized in New York City by the merger of fifty smaller societies.  By 1975 the ATS was publishing 30 million tracts a year.” Today there are a variety of tools for communicating the gospel to those who have […]

img_0562 May 09

The Danger of Study Bibles

On May 8, 1816 in the Dutch Reformed Church in New York City, delegates from thirty-five Bible societies met to establish the American Bible Society, which seeks to promote a wider circulation of the scriptures, unaccompanied by notes or comments. (This Day in Christian History) I’ve had a few discussions, some intense, through the years […]

img_0598 May 07

Kathryn Kuhlman

This Day in Christian History writes  – “On this day in 1907 – Kathryn Kuhlman, American itinerant evangelist and spiritual healer was born.  She discovered her gift of healing while pastoring a small church in Pennsylvania, when people in her congregation began reporting unexpected healings during her services.   Kuhlman’s best-known book is her 1962 […]


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