May 25

“Now That We’re Done With The Preliminaries….”

The style and philosophy of worship services has generated a lot of intense discussion in churches, conferences, seminaries and pastoral associations. I spoke recently with an Ontario leader who is navigating his way through the ‘worship wars.’ The ‘worship leader’ feels unappreciated and believes that preaching is not worship! On the other hand, I heard […]

May 23

‘There’s No Shortcut …’ to Biblical Preaching

Donald Whitney launches Chapter Four with a thought-provoking quote by the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice. “The church has to rediscover who God is, come to know Him, and fellowship with Him. The avenue for that has always been Bible exposition and teaching. There’s no shortcut.” Whitney notes, “In some quarters of the church today, preaching […]

May 20

Biblical Reasons?

I’ve read lots of biblical studies and theological texts that all claim ‘biblical reasons’ for the premise they are arguing. Some know their Bibles better than others. At times I’m left scratching my head, like a relative of mine who listened recently to a preacher contradict himself throughout his message. Needless to say, for this […]

May 18

What Is The Church?

As Whitney continues to press church membership in Spiritual Disciplines Within The Church, he notes four metaphors used in the New Testament as effective illustrations–flock, temple, body and household. A flock of sheep isn’t just a random collection of ewes, rams, and lambs. Shepherds know their flocks. They know which sheep are theirs to care […]

May 16

Why Join A Church?

Donald Whitney’s next chapter of Spiritual Disciplines Within The Church is entitled Why Join A Church?  I’ve had more than a few conversations with professing Christians who are just not convinced that membership is mandated. My study of the New Testament thus far has led me to challenge their resistance. The Apostle Paul’s letters are […]

May 12

Why Seek Baptism In The Church?

Donald Whitney launches this second chapter of Spiritual Disciplines Within The Church with a strongly worded quote by Robert W. Patterson. Evangelicals need to affirm aggressively the necessary connection between faith in Christ and commitment to His church. One cannot exist without the other, as demonstrated in Acts, where no one was counted as a […]

May 10

12 Biblical Reasons for Going To Church (Cont’d)

A well known preacher had ‘run out of time’ at a famous Bible conference.  When he spoke again at the next annual conference, he started his message with, “Seventhly….” or words to that effect! Today’s post picks up halfway through a list of 12 items.  Donald Whitney gives us six more reasons for assembling together […]