IMG_2326 May 25

Happy Anniversary Jane & Andrew Butler!

A special Happy 1st Anniversary to our daughter Jane and Andrew!  We can’t be there to celebrate with them but last May 25th was a special day of celebration as we rejoiced in God’s goodness and heard them declare their love and commitment to each other in the presence of many witnesses. Here we are […]

IMG_4153 May 24

Keep In Step with the Spirit

We are traveling on vacation during these days and I have been thinking about a few lessons learned from our trip. #1 Your Destination – My present location is not my destination and I must know my destination in order to make proper travel plans.  Do you know where you are headed? If my destination […]

IMG_4136 May 20

60th Anniversary – A Celebration!

Though separated by many kilometres, I want to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of a very special couple.   Walter & Frances Cosman (my in-laws) mark 60 years of marriage tomorrow, May 21, 2015.  I’ve only had the blessing of knowing them the last 30+ years since I first enjoyed their hospitality as a guest […]

IMG_4120 May 17

Weak…yet strong!

Boreham describes his first meeting with J.J. Doke with this insightful paragraph. “At first glance we felt sorry for him. He was so small and so frail; he looked at times as if a puff of wind would blow him away. His asthma racked him pitilessly, day and night. Yet he never behaved as a […]

IMG_3816 May 14

Learning From The Grandkids

Holiday times have always been special but we seem to treasure the time more now that distance separates our family. It’s been a great adventure to make the trip to see our grandkids who seem to change daily! Wasn’t it just yesterday I held our firstborn girl in my arms, sang to her about the love that God has for […]

IMG_4070 May 07

Indomitable will and Tireless Application

I’ve been intrigued through the ministry of Ravi Zacharias to explore the writings and life of Frank William Boreham, (1871 – 1959).  He was a Baptist preacher well known in New Zealand, Australia and England.  He was one of 10 children. He had heard D.L. Moody during his youth and converted to Christianity while working […]

IMG_4061 May 05

The Certainty of No Absolutes

With absolute certainty many ‘civilized’ people affirm that there are no absolutes.  Frederick Moore Vinson (1890-1953), former Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, said, “Nothing is more certain in modern society than the principle that there are no absolutes.”  Francis Schaeffer cites Justice Vinson in his classic “How Should We Then Live?” In […]


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