April 28

A Prayer For The New Year

On The Gospel Coalition’s website I found this prayer, adapted by Trevin Wax from Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions.  May our graduating class of 2017 at Heritage College & Seminary make this their heart-cry.  As you read it carefully you’ll see the crafting together of many Scriptural references. Lord God Almighty, I understand that I am unable […]

April 25

Pray For Us!

Whatever else the graduates of Heritage College & Seminary request, I pray they may plead with other Christ followers with the words penned by Paul to the Thessalonican church, when he wrote, “Brothers, pray for us.” As 2016-2017 winds down and we prepare for our Graduation this coming Saturday, may I mobilize those who read […]

April 24

Don’t Leave The Owner’s Manual Unopened

Have you left life’s Owner’s manual unopened?  Explore with me the issue of ‘Responding to Warnings’ from Jeremiah 44, at Scripture Union’s theStory. theStory – Today’s Devotional

April 21

Practice Makes Perfect?

Practice makes prefect? perfetc? perfect?  Perhaps in some areas, but in terms of spirituality, we are all works in progress. Don Whitney defines spirituality as “the pursuit of God and the things of God, through Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in accordance with God’s self-revelation (that is, the Bible.)”  Amen and […]

April 19

Boxed In Spiritually?

And now back to our regular program…. REST YOUR SOUL IN “THE SIMPLICITY AND PURITY OF DEVOTION TO CHRIST” Whitney opens the next chapter with a remarkable illustration of deliverance from slavery. “In the early morning dim of March 29, 1849, a sympathetic storekeeper in Richmond, Virginia, nailed the lid on a crate containing a […]

April 17

Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

I’ve entitled my post over at Scripture Union’s theStory ‘Constrained To Dig Deeper.’ http://thestory.scriptureunion.ca/kedwards/constrained-to-dig-deeper/ Habakkuk is one of those mystifying books of Scripture.  It has not quick answers, but lots of probing questions with drive us to more prayer, more searching of the Scriptures, more wrestling with the text.   Though not easy, the journey […]

April 13

Perplexed By God’s Providence?

Ever been perplexed by God’s providence?  Take a look at this devotional I penned for theStory, a great Scripture Union devotional.  My posts will appear between April 11-25. By the way, may you know the power of Christ’s resurrection.  Of course, to follow Paul’s desire in Philippians 3, this means sharing in His sufferings too.  […]