img_0358 February 09

Love – The Highest Common Denominator

Love is the lowest  highest common denominator in the commandments of God. As Jesus navigated the waters swirling with Sadducees and Pharisess, he was pressed with a question by a ‘legal expert.’ Scholars have noted 613 commandments throughout the Old Testament and during the time of Jesus there was debate as to the most important […]

img_1207 February 06

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Since May 2, 2004 I have two fathers in heaven, one by natural birth the other by supernatural rebirth.  Today would have my dad’s 100th birthday.  February 6, 1916 – Just think about it – In the midst of WWI, my grandmother gave birth to a son and named him Chester Hutchings Edwards.  Northern Ontario […]

img_0343 February 03

Love Languages

Dr. Gary Chapman has helped individuals identify their love languages.  His website entitled 5 Love Languages allows users to discover whether a) words of affirmation; b) acts of service; c) receiving gifts; d) quality time; or e) physical touch reflect their personal profile.  There’s a free survey that may be taken and could provide some interesting […]

img_0334 February 01

Proclaiming God’s Love in the Morning

I love to sing. Worship songs, filled with solid truth, grip my heart, stir my emotions, and come bursting forth out of my mouth. I know, I know, those of you who are within earshot (quite a distance according to some) know I sing loudly.  Sorry about that…well actually I’m not, unless the notes I’m […]

img_0331 January 30

Mission Drift

One of the useful books I’ve listened to (audio version) is entitled ‘Mission Drift.’ The author, Peter Greer, president and CEO of HOPE International, an organization which is really a network of micro finance institutions and savings and credit associations operating in 17 nations, engaged me in a topic hugely relevant to churches, parachurch agencies […]

img_0322 January 28

“Shepherds after My own Heart”

Jeremiah, prophet to the rebellious people of Judah, had a challenging assignment. Pronouncing judgment yet extending mercy certainly must have challenged the mind, will and emotions of this spiritual leader.  At Heritage Seminary, Dr. Rick Reed, our President, led us in a solid sermon series in chapel on the ministry enlistment of this prophet in […]

img_0320 January 26

“The Whole Will of God”

Musical instruments show signs of wear.  Take a look at the ones that are not merely decorations and you will see the wear marks.  E.g. the part of the drum kit that is beaten more often than the rest, the one string that is plucked or strummed to death. Often in the process of practice […]


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