img_1441 January 19

Pastoral Counsel

I’ve been blessed to receive counsel from a number of pastors throughout my 56 years of living.  Beginning with my dad and other pastoral guests who visited our home as well as preached in our local church fellowship, I had a solid foundation laid.  I headed off to Bible College at 19 and met a […]

img_1439 January 17

Living Faithfully

On my commute home yesterday I listened to What Great Bosses Know, a podcast by Jill Geisel on leadership. One of the essential qualities she stressed was integrity.  Robert Murray McCheyne would agree! S. Maxwell Coder in his introduction to Bonar’s Memoirs of McCheyne writes,  “One of the most notable characteristics of McCheyne, frequently remarked upon […]

img_1436 January 14

What Time Is It?

The website Time & reminds us “Every now and then a leap second is added to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in order to synchronize clocks worldwide with the Earth’s every slowing rotation. 2 components are used to determine UTC #1. International Atomic Time (TAI)- A time scale that combines the output of some 200 highly […]

img_1433 January 12

The God of Abraham Praise

I enjoy Jewish music.  Many years ago, while visiting Israel, I had the opportunity to listen to a Jewish cultural concert, a fascinating evening of dancing and singing that is etched in my memory.  I’ve been to a few synagogue services and heard first hand the singing of some of the psalms, God’s divinely inspired […]

img_1430 January 10

A Glimpse Into The Heart

We have all kinds of medical tests available to us which reveal various conditions.  X-rays, MRIs, ECGs, etc all provide external evidence of internal conditions. The scientific community has developed some remarkable machines. As one skims the journal of other Christians we too discover external evidence of internal conditions.  Some people keep diaries with basic […]

img_1426 January 07

Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee

Some hymns and songs are worth preserving.  Others, not so much. Today’s hymn, penned in the 12th century, is one of the former. Penned by Bernard of Clairvaux, Jesus the Very Thought of Thee, has fueled worshippers in many countries around the world. Robert Morgan notes in Then Sings My Soul…. “When Bernard (c. 1090-1153), […]

img_1423 January 05

Only 29 Years To Make An Impact

Our prayer chain, Facebook feed, text messages and other means of contemporary communication have been filled with death notices during the last month. ‘What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes,’ James reminded the Christians of the first century.  So how should we use our ‘little […]