Print July 29

Bursting Into Praise!

Some times I think my ‘praise’ is too neat and tidy–planned, structured and declared publicly in ‘appropriate’ ways. Years ago I had the privilege of visiting Israel and at one evening meal the mixed group of leaders gathered in a restaurant at one of Jerusalem’s fine restaurants.  Being Canadian and ‘polite,’ the leader who led […]

Rose Publishing

Rose Publishing offers some excellent resources for Bible study.  Free charts are available by email as samples of their excellent products.  I had used them in various settings and found them insightful, and well illustrated. Here are the pages from today’s overview of Paul’s New Testament letters. is their website.

Changing Levels of Faith

I check the oil on our vehicles fairly regularly. I pull out the dipstick, wipe it off, reinsert it and pull it out a second time for an accurate reading of today’s level of necessary lubricant. Our faith levels fluctuate.  John Piper writes – “…it is clear that faith should grow and not remain static. […]

IMG_4392 July 17

“Feelings Follow”

Years ago I had the privilege of working with Dr. Harold Burchett when we served together at High Park Baptist Church. He taught Biblical Counseling in an intensive course at Columbia Graduate School of Bible & Mission (now called Columbia International University).  I was able to take in 2 courses with him during December 1985. […]

Harvest Time July 14

Your Future Church Leaders Come From Where?

Do you have any idea where future church leaders come from? Are you investing any prayer or practical resources in equipping those who sense God’s call to vocational ministry? I thank God for those who prayed for me, encouraged me, and supported me in my years of training (and are still supporting me in a […]

IMG_4372 July 09

Be Aglow & Burning With The Spirit

Today’s ‘Daily Devotional’ planned post was confirmed by the email which I receive daily from The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.  I’ve included it for your edification.  It’s entitled “Pray for Grace to Assist you that you may be Diligent in your Duty.”    One of my favourite Amplified Version texts is Romans 12:12.  “Be aglow […]

IMG_4356 July 06

“A Lack of Prosperity Gospel”

I’m thinking of starting a new denomination (not really, but the idea did cross my mind).  I’d call it “A Lack of Prosperity” Gospel Ministry. I’ve read the Bible enough, interacted with enough Christ-followers in international contexts and experienced enough of life under God’s amazing providence to know that the so called “prosperity gospel” ministries […]


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