Roman Theatre March 25

Enraptured By Shows

Augustine, whose “Confessions” I am reading during these days leading up to Easter writes concerning “the theater” –  the place for the great live acting productions of his day – “The theater enraptured me, for its shows were filled with pictures of my own miseries and with tinder for my fires.  Why is it that […]

IMG_3798 March 23

“The Greatest Spiritual Autobiography”

The cover of my copy of “The Confessions of St. Augustine” has on it the citation “The Greatest Spiritual Autobiography of All Time.”  God has promised Christ-followers (since First John is penned to such people – I John 5:13 – “you who believe in the name of the Son of God”) that if “we confess […]

Debtor March 19

Debtors Anonymous?

“I’m Keith and I’m a debtor….”   Many groups launch their group meetings with brief introductions including a first name and an acknowledgement of need.  Various ‘strategies’ have been tested and are used to provide help for those willing to admit their need.   Debt is a challenging issue and some times life situations prove […]

IMG_3785 March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Free Preview of Christian History Made Easy – Rose Publishing. Learn about St. Patrick.

IMG_3774 March 13

God’s Deliverance

Today’s post is simply a prayer from St. Augustine’s ‘Confessions.’ “Lord, in your mercy look down upon these things and deliver us who now call upon you.  Deliver also those who do not yet call upon you, so that they may call upon you and you may deliver them.” Praying today for God’s deliverance!  Thanking […]

IMG_3769 March 11

Only Remembered By What We Have Done

In 1891, Ira D. Sankey set to music the words of Horatius Bonar in the following hymn.  My parents, who had a great love for hymns, often sang this, and our dear “Aunt Alice” selected this hymn from time to time in her endless eycyclopedic knowledge of ‘suitable hymns.’  In recent days the tune and […]

JESUS among other Gods March 09

Short Answers to Big Questions #7


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