img_3419 October 25

All over the World…

Paul reminds the Colossians that ‘all over the world the gospel is bearing fruit.’ There is nothing like travel to another country to catch a glimpse of the impact of the gospel to press home the reality of that 1st statement. After an 8 hour overnight train trip we arrived in the community where we […]

img_3234-1 October 21

Missionary Hymns from a Bygone Era

I grew up singing hymns, lots and lots of hymns, and I am extremely grateful. There was plenty of substance in most of them with doctrinal themes, biblical truths, Christian practices woven into the stanzas compiled as a form of poetry. The missionary hymns, in particular, shaped my understanding of the world, and. challenged me […]

img_1300 October 18

On a Mission with God

Missionaries have had a huge impact on my life. In my early years, my parents hosted many men, women, couples and families who were traveling through Northern Ontario to share their God given ministry with God’s people. Those who have been affiliated with Thornloe Crossroads Baptist, in Ontario’s north-east region, recall updates and visits from […]

img_1298 October 16

Abram–Not a Tower-Builder!

‘Yahweh will make Abram’s name “great,” which is more than a promise of renown or acclaim. Rather, in contrast to the tower-builders at Babel, who pathetically strove for permanence themselves by building a name in their own strength (11:4), to have a great name given to one by God in the Hebrew Scriptures is to […]

October 14

The Final Four

I want to wrap up this series, reflecting on the study by Rev. Thomas A. Brooks entitled ‘Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices,’ with four more of Satan’s effective strategies. Strategy #5 By presenting to view the fewness and poverty of those who hold to religious practices: [Many who are outwardly poor are inwardly rich.  Jesus, in the Sermon […]

img_1285 October 12

‘No Pain, No Gain’

‘No pain, no gain’ is often used in the context of fitness. You don’t burn many calories watching runners out your window. You must run. Subscribing to a fitness magazine may seem like a good idea, but without applying what you are learning, you won’t change your physique.  Satan, in his ‘devices’ to keep us […]

img_1279 October 08

Favor From The LORD

God has all kinds of ways to show His favor to us. ‘Every good and perfect gift’ is how James describes what God has supplied us with in His abundant generosity. How has God shown me favor? How long do you have? Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless […]