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Clarkson July 23

So Send I You

“So send I you” was written by Margaret Clarkson based upon the Scripture found in John 20:21. Jesus is speaking when He said “As the Father has sent me, so send I you.” Ms. Clarkson wrote the hymn while serving as a teacher in Kirkland Lake in Northern Ontario, Canada. She was a 23 year […]

20140722-062322-23002801.jpg July 22

Send Them, O Lord

Isaiah after seeing the vision of the LORD, “high and lifted up” said, “Here am I, send me.” God did send him but gave him a difficult assignment of speaking to people unwilling to listen – now that’s a challenge! God’s own people were building up for themselves judgment as they closed their ears to […]

20140720-214119-78079537.jpg July 21

Thou Whose Almighty Word

“And God said, ‘Let there be light, and there was light.’” God’s account of the creation of light challenged John Marriott in 1813 with the need of men and women to be brought out of darkness into the light of salvation. The hymn composed after reflecting on this theme is entitled “Thou Whose Almighty Word.” […]

20140719-200303-72183704.jpg July 20

Totally Committed

How committed are you to Jesus Christ? Are you “all in?” Have you ever met someone who is “all in” to some hobby, some sport, some activity? They eat, sleep, breathe and talk about their obsession. All other interests seem to pale in significance to their #1 pursuit! Hymn #831 in Redemption Songs is used […]

20140719-094346-35026515.jpg July 19

From Henceforth Expecting

At times older hymns lose their impact because of their wording. The text is dated and remains locked-in-time until a courageous Christ-follower takes on the task of revision. I have never heard this hymn, but it too will need a ‘make-over’ if it is ever to see the light of day in today’s worship context. […]

20140718-081758-29878801.jpg July 18

Jesus Shall Reign

In Psalms of David Imitated, 1719, Isaac Watts published today’s missionary hymn. Our “shortened versions” of this hymn typically include only 5 stanzas. The original was much longer! Psalm 72 was a psalm penned by Solomon celebrating the extensive future influence of a King, namely the Messiah. The Dominion of Canada received its original name […]

20140717-064927-24567887.jpg July 17

No boundaries!

After hearing of the death of Rev. Murray Heron, a pioneering English farm boy who was baptized at Calvary Baptist Church in Oshawa and studied at Toronto Baptist Seminary (2 ministries which are places where God has planted us), I have begun to reread his biography. Footprints across Quebec portrays his life from his birth […]

20140715-075931-28771281.jpg July 16

Let the Song go Round the Earth

Amelia Rose Earhart just completed a trip around the earth. Though not related to the infamous Amelia Earhart, this pilot followed the equator as she completed an amazing trip. Details are here – Today’s missionary hymn is entitled “Let the Song go Round the Earth.” Each hymn reflects a ‘snap-shot’ of that musician’s world. […]


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