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IMG_2957.JPG September 22

It Will Be Worth It All

Several years back I was visiting Christ-followers in a persecuted country. They shared openly the challenges of remaining true in the midst of very strong opposition. As I listened, I asked God to give me words to encourage them. The words of the following hymn were brought fully to my mind that day. God used […]

IMG_2955.JPG September 20

Digging Deep into the Treasure of Truth

Years ago I was teaching a teens class and wanted to ‘hook’ the class into an exploration of Proverbs 2.  I opted to hide some money and promised whoever found it could keep it.  They turned the class upside down in their passion to discover wealth.  In Proverbs 2, the author (using a father-son ‘script’) […]

IMG_2952.JPG September 18

Hushed Was The Evening Hymn

  I post on 2 blogs, this one and Study and Teach the Bible on alternative days.  Yesterday’s post there prompted a dear brother in Christ, Tom Reilly, to recall a hymn he had learned as a child.   New to me, this hymn recounts the speaking of the LORD to the boy Samuel.  Thanks Tom!  […]

IMG_2934.JPG September 16

What Kind of Men?

In the back of my Thompson Chain Reference Bible there is a section entitled “PROMINENT BIBLE CHARACTERS.” Under the New Testament section there is a significant list of Prominent Men and Prominent Women. Consider The Twelve Apostles – (this is the list supplied by TCRB) Peter, a rock, “the reed changed to a rock” Andrew, […]

Sunday Rest

I’ve decided to go Facebook and Blog free on Sundays. See you Mondays from now on… Blessings!

IMG_2914.JPG September 12

I Need Help Now!

I stopped by a fast food restaurant yesterday morning for a few minutes. Behind the counter were three women serving the growing number of customers both in the restaurant and at the drive-thru window. As the busyness increased, suddenly one of the women yelled out, “I need help now!” Though not ‘professional,’ her urgent cry […]

IMG_2906.JPG September 10

Sometime We’ll Understand

I love mysteries, great plots, spell-binding intrigue crafted by gifted writers who draw me into a thickening plot. I like Sherlock Holmes and note how his character has been made, remade and remade again as various producers seek to “recreate” the essence of this great English “mystery” solver. Some mysteries leave you hanging at the […]


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