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IMG_2817.JPG August 26

Just Where I Am

Perhaps the most well-known hymn associated with the Crusades (now Festivals) of evangelist Dr. Billy Graham is “Just As I Am.” Today’s hymn (which may be sung to the same tune) is entitled “Just Where I Am.” Just where I am, oh, let me be A faithful witness, Lord, for Thee; While others seek a […]

IMG_2814.JPG August 24

Give Me Jesus

“What is the best gift you’ve ever received?” The answers to that question would prove interesting, wouldn’t they? In 2 Corinthians 9:15 Paul writes, “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” or as the Amplified Bible translates this same text, “…..Now thanks be to God for His Gift, [precious] beyond telling [His indescribable, inexpressible, […]

IMG_2758.JPG August 22

The Pilot Song

The Bible uses various metaphors to portray the wonder of Jesus Christ to those who know Him. In today’s hymn, He is described as Saviour, Shepherd, Pilot and Shelter. The question comes in the chorus – “Is He yours?” My wife and I were blessed a number of years ago to be taken on a […]

IMG_2750.JPG August 20

Make Me a Channel of Blessing

“….he who believes in Me out of his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.” John 7:37-39 exhorts us to come to Christ, drink of Him and experience the thirst-quenching ministry of the Spirit of God. Through our lives, God longs to bless others. Today’s hymn is a prayer that God would do just […]

IMG_2743.JPG August 18

Lean Upon His Arms

“The eternal God is your Refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” As Moses blesses the tribes of Israel, He assures the tribe of Asher of this truth. God is their refuge. They may hide in Him. Underneath their tribe is His support. They may lean upon Him. In recent months I’ve learned of family […]

IMG_2727.JPG August 16

Shepherd of Israel

For years my dad was a shepherd in two senses of that word. Following a biblical ‘pattern’ he had 100 sheep on our farm and provided the care for them throughout the changing seasons. He also ‘shepherded’ a flock of believers from 1952 – 1990, providing pastoral care for a number of families and individuals […]

IMG_2716.JPG August 14

Thy God Reigneth!

My wife and I have a love for historical monarchies. We’ve watched our share of documentaries and have a collection of books and photographs which portray our current Queen and her family. What a reign she has had and what devotion to the task! It will be an end to a significant era when her […]


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