20140424-074932.jpg April 24

The Name I Love

As many of you who read this blog know the last 24 hours have brought us a reminder of our need for God’s grace. Our daughter Jane is engaged to Andrew Butler who has been studying at Regent University. Yesterday, after an MRI test in Virginia, a 9 cm mass/tumour was discovered on his brain […]

waiting April 23

I Waited

Do you have difficulty waiting? I know I do! Waiting seems like an eternity, especially when you are in traffic.  Throughout our lives we have plenty of opportunities to wait. The waiting room is just that at the hospital, waiting for someone to meet you, waiting for an email or parcel, waiting to hear an […]

armour April 22

Soldiers of Christ, Arise

It never ceases to amaze me how much variation there is on hymn words.  Take today’s hymn.  Our more contemporary hymnals usually select only four or five stanzas of the original text.  Why?  Don’t we have time to worship?  Does it seem too tedious to work through the full thought of the hymnwriter?  or are […]

20140421-071355.jpg April 21

Thou Shepherd of Israel, and Mine

My parents kept sheep for many years on our farm in Northeastern Ontario. There were various ‘seasons’ in caring for sheep and helping them I learned a few valuable lessons. Sheep require care – they need someone to look after them, perhaps more so than many other farm animals. Today’s hymn, using this theme of […]

image April 20

Christ Arose!

Matthew 16:21 “…he must be killed and ON THE THIRD DAY BE RAISED TO LIFE.” Matthew 17:23 “….They will kill him, and on THE THIRD DAY HE WILL BE RAISED TO LIFE.” Matthew 20:19 “…flogged and crucified. ON THE THIRD DAY HE WILL BE RAISED TO LIFE.” In these 3 gospel of Matthew accounts Jesus […]

20140416-103316.jpg April 18

The Sure Foundation

On this Good Friday and Resurrection weekend, we are reminded of the very core of our faith – “Christ died for our sins…..according to the Scriptures, he was buried and he rose again according to the Scriptures.” (1 Cor. 15:3,4) Paul reminds the Corinthian believers that this truth is of FIRST importance. Today’s hymn declares […]

20140416-101301.jpg April 17

It’s Just Like Him

“How well do you know _______?” I’m sure this question has been asked a myriad of times about all types of people. How well do you know Jesus Christ? How would you….NO, the question really is ….how do you describe Him to others? What difference has He made in your life? Today’s hymn, penned by […]


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